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ShaperCloud was born to create the first European network linking surfboards manufacturers to consumers.

A user-friendly interface will help you find all the information you are looking for in just few steps. By using the Map combined with the Finder we give you instant and easy information directly from the source, saving your time and effort.


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The Icons are your main guide in the website, you’ll find them everywhere, in our finder, in every single shaper’s profile and even in all the surfboard forms.


If you are looking for a Surfboard handcrafted for your need, this is what you have to look at! The Board handmade from beginning to end.


The latest technology introduced in the Surfboards production, brings the craft to the next level. Using the CNC machine for an unreal precision.


From the beginning of modern surfboards, till today. The first Foam produced back in the days, the Pu still the most commune choice material.


“Expanded polystyrene”. Main choice for Polystyrene foam, is an open cell core material. Lighter, buoyant and the possibility to be recycled is taking this foam to the future.


“Extruded Polystyrene”. Polystyrene foam with a closed cell structure has a great water repellent attitude and a super strong structure. XTR is another good choice for PS foam.


Everything began from here. Wood is been the first material used in surfboards production and still one of the possible choices. Wood can take you back straight to the roots.


It’s a simple structure composed by gluing together long stripe of wood, simple and ready to be shaped. It’s hard to shape, heavy to move. You will love it!


This can be named as the Wood revolution, if you are looking for a light wooden Surfboard, the rib structure will take you straight to the result. Try and see


This type of resin, can be used either on polyurethane or Polystyrene foam and isn’t the only advantage, the Epoxy has an eco friendly side. The eco polyvalent Resin.


We built all this to give you the possibility to ask a professional Shaper to shape something for your needs. That’s all!


If you are looking for someone that can fix your damage, that’s the right Icon select it and find the laboratory closest to you.


If you want something really special in your quiver you must have a resin tint glass job! An harder job, for a better result.


This is simply the only future possible! And that’s why we inserted this icon in our finder. This will tell you who as the hands clean.


If your old school Surfboard need a rebuild, nothing better than a specialist that with his knowledge can bring back your piece of history.


To find out were to learn how to build, repair or even design your first surfboard. Be carefull! This could be the beginnig of a new career.