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The Thomas Rogers Company of Venice, California, also manufactured airplane wings, and a similar design is evident in the construction of this hollow paddleboard. Designed by Tom Blake, a legendary surfer and board designer, the hollow surfboard significantly reduced the weight of solid-wood surfboards, making surfing accessible to a larger spectrum of people. Like biplane wings, this board is hollow with a transversely braced (ribbed) interior. Working closely with Rogers, Blake produced some of the earliest commercially manufactured surfboards and paddleboards. The latter were typically used by lifeguards or for racing, but could also be used to ride waves. This paddleboard belonged to local Malibu lifeguard and surfer Bob Burns. On big-wave days, he used to throw it off the end of the Malibu Pier and paddle out from there.

DATE 1932
LENGHT 13 ft., 9 in.
SHAPER Tom Blake
MANUFACTURER Thomas Rogers Company
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